10 Questions for Lisa Brennauer

1. What has changed since you became double world champion in September 2014?
For me nothing has changed. The training tracks are the same, the friends are the same and I think that I have not changed as a person. Surely I get more media attention and my life is a bit more public, but sometimes it is also good to distance yourself a little from all the attention.

2. Many people claim a world champion has to win every race.  What is your attitude, if you do not win a race and critics knock on your door?
It is not possible for anyone to be in excellent form throughout the year. Of course, this includes some defeats. One has to deal with it without losing nerves. You need to have your own goals and don’t think about what others are expecting from you. In the end, it’s not about how many races you’ve won. It’s about which races you have won.

3. How do your parents, your friends and your boyfriend support your sports activities and your ambitions?
My family is a very important factor for me. They support me in the good and the bad phases of my life and always stand behind me. I know I can always count on them.

4. Do you have a favorite training route?
Yes, it is right outside my front door in the beautiful Allgäu. My home route is about 120 km long and has a great mountain view, little traffic and a peaceful landscape. It calms me down and is technically demanding.

5. How clean is cycling today, especially women’s cycling?
First of all, it must be noted that there have been very few doping cases in women’s cycling. But I also say that unfortunately cycling has created a lot of it problems by itself. It will take years to re-establish the public image – by introducing a new culture. I have to live with that and I like making a contribution to it. As for the specific case of the women´s cycling, I think especially women want to have healthy children and raise them. But this is only possible if a body has not been previously pumped full of medicine. Personally, I am for clean sport with all my heart and against fraud in any form. And again: I look forward to having a healthy family someday – no success or money in the world can outweigh that.

6. Do you think that cycling has now passed its deepest valley?
We are currently making good progress, cycling and sport in general has to do its homework. Cycling is loved by millions of Germans. In order to revive the sport that so many should be able to identify with, we still need a lot of confidence from the media and from the people. Despite all justifiable doubts, I hope we can look forward to future success, without ulterior considerations.

7. Are you more of the fighter type or do you need someone who pushes you?
Let’s just say I need good support during training, because I like to have a certain structure and certain specifications. But usually I’m more of a fighter type and most of the time I am a mentally strong Person. In competitions I get a lot of power from it.

8. Are there any role models in your life?
It all depends on how you define a role model. I was never a fan of a person or team. My parents have always paved the way for me, so they are the ones I would call my role models.

9. Where do you like to spend your holidays?
Definitely at home! Because of my profession, I travel around the world so much and see so many beautiful things, that it is a lot more relaxing to get away from all the impressions. True to the motto: “There is no place like home”.

10. What does your athletic future look like?
The 2016 Olympic Games are now history. And I must say that I certainly had higher expectations. You can always debate what the reasons were. What remains are the memories and the knowledge that you have to look ahead. Certainly, World Championships are always a big highlight in the course of a season. And once again, only top results are noticed. Independent of outstanding individual races you have to look at a whole season. And I am always looking forward, always to the next race. I love my sport and I want to continue to be successful in it.